When does the new season start?

The first regular season of the new season will be held in Beijing on September 7, 2018, and the Philadelphia hawk jerseys will play Atlanta falcons by the New Super Bowl champion jerseys.

Jay – Cutler is not a hundred percent determined to retire

At this time last year, (Jay Cutler) announced its retirement and accepted the work of FOX TV commentator. But soon he signed a one-year contract with dolphins to help the team out of the Ryan Tannehill’s unexpected reimbursement.

At this time of the year, everyone believed that Cutler must have left the stadium completely, but he himself was not so sure.

In the reality show segment of Cutler’s wife’s participation, two people discussed the future scenes being broadcast. Cutler said he was “unable to 100 percent” leave the rugby stadium and had to wait until September to decide whether to retire.

Cutler’s wife (Kristin Cavallari) did not hide the hope that her husband would rush back. She said, “you have to understand how much I have sacrificed for you in the past eight seasons.