Cousins played brilliantly

Third weeks of the NFL regular season, the Washington Red Shirts play against the Oakland raiders. The Raiders have made their 2-0 start for the first time since 2002 and want to win three straight victories. The red team was 1 – 1, but they gave the Raiders their first – season defeat at home, and finally defeated the Raiders with 27:10. Redskins quarterback Kirk cousins 30 to 25, with 365 yards and 3 touchdowns. The Raiders quarterback Derek Carle 31 to 19, scoring just 118 yards and 1 touchdowns and 2 interceptions, final away game against the Washington redskins.

At the beginning of the first attack, the Raiders took the lead in the attack. Quarterback Derek – Carle gave Cooper the ball to in the first attack and was taken away by the red guards guard – Tower – Nicholson. In the first 22 yards of the raid, Kirk, the red shirt quarterback, passed to Thompson, Chris, who finished the first touchdown. The Red Detachment announced the game to the home team who had visited the entire United States within five minutes of the game, 7:0. Derek – Carle’s performance in the opening of this game is really bad, 4 minutes ago just sent a copy of him, in the next attack, and then a series of capture, and the ball back to the red skin team. The offensive team two teams in the first quarter of the rest of the game both misfiring, the Raiders even did not get a first attack.

At the beginning of the second quarter, the red team still failed to open fire, and Kirk – test was also killed by the attacker’s defensive ended – Mark. Although Sean – Lin Qi Ma then opened the “beast mode”, but quarterback Rick Carle is still in a state of sleepwalking, the ball directly to the Redskins cornerback Fuller Kendall’s arms, sent out second steals. Kirk – take the lead back to the state of the test, the whole team is also a multi-point flowering, and even running band pass, and ultimately by the near end Vernon – Davies completed the touchdown, 14:0. Half the Redskins scored 223 yards and 11 first downs, the Raiders won just 47 yards 2 times longer than the first attack, the ball is accounted for a staggering 2:1, it doesn’t look like the first two scored a total of 71 points of the raiders.

Back in the second half, the red team run guard Chris – Thompson seems to be no one can fight, a file of 20 yards of conversion, for him, it is nothing more than two times the ball only. Derek – Carle is getting better and better, have not been given half a 52 yard long pass found wide receiver Josh do Knutson, completed a touchdown 21:0. Compared to find out the status of the Redskins quarterback, the Raiders quarterback Derek Carle in the next attack, a first attack has not got, and was sacked two times. The offensive and defensive sides failed to play, and even the secret service team was out of play, allowing the red shirts to begin the offensive at yards 40 yards from the attacker. But then people do not expect that the red team back to attack Jamieson – Claude actually sent gifts, did not catch the ball. The Raiders started the attack from the first 18 yards of the red carpet area, and by the end of the attack, Cook, who was close to the front side, took the touchdown for the Raiders, ending the third quarter with 21:7.

Since the third half of the festival, Chris – Thompson is in a 3 file, 19 yards of large yards converted, ran out of the distance of 74 yards, directly to the Raiders red zone. Although the red team failed to reach the goal, Dustin – Hopki still hit his free kick, 24:7. May be careless, off the ball after the Redskins offense, the Raiders again Jianlou, attack from the Redskins before the 11 yard touchdown zone. However, the red guards did not let the Raiders reach again, and the Raiders only had to shoot, 24:10. The red team then continued to score with a free kick, 27:10, and eventually managed to keep the score at the end of the game, winning two straight victories. I hope this game can let the Raiders to reflect, adjust good state, because the next week against the Denver Broncos will be a tough battle.