Two legendary figures in the history of the Washington football team will be remembered forever at home and away from headquarters.

Washington announced on Tuesday that it would name two team related paths after a member of the team’s Hall of fame: Joe Gibbs and Sean Taylor, who has died.

A road leading directly to the team’s home FedEx stadium will be renamed Sean Taylor Road, while the team’s headquarters in Ashburn, Virginia, will have its postal address changed to 21300 Gibbs coach road. The decision is part of the team’s renaming campaign that began this summer.

Taylor, who was chosen in the first round of the 2004 draft, had a good future with Washington, but was shot in his home by a robber in 2007 and died the next day at the age of 24.

Gibbs coached the team from 1981 to 1992. He led the team to win the super bowl three times, winning 124-60. He returned from retirement in 2004 to coach the team again in 2007 with a 30-34 record. Gibbs, who was twice named manager of the year, was inducted into the professional football Hall of fame in 1996.