Cowboy for three consecutive years to reach Forbes’s most valuable team

In 1984, the current president of the United States had a chance to buy a Dallas cowboy jerseys at $50 million, but he gave the chance and told New York Times that he thought the team was “hard to lose” and “really hurt to buy it.”

34 years later, the cowboy team’s jerseys price is completely different.

Cowboys won the championship in three consecutive years in Forbes’s list of the most valuable sports teams in the world. This year the team is valued at about $4 billion 800 million, and after deducting interest, taxes, etc., their financial revenue ($840 million) is unmatched.

The cowboy is also the only NFL team in the top 5, and the other four include Yankees and three football teams in New York. Out of the tigers ($1 billion 800 million), lions ($1 billion 700 million) and Bill ($1 billion 600 million), the other NFL teams were among the top fifty. The top ten teams in the NFL team are: cowboy, Patriot (3 billion 700 million), giant (3 billion 300 million), red skin (3 billion 100 million), 49 (3 billion 50 million), RAM (3 billion), bear team (2 billion 850 million), Dezhou (2 billion 800 million), jet (2 billion 750 million) and Eagle (2 billion 650 million).