Raiders Cheerleaders jerseys

Raiders Cheerleaders jerseys

The Raiders turned into a pay brigade under the cheerleading squad

We all know that the Oakland Raiders will probably become NFL league’s entertainment team, because in the future the team will move to Las Vegas, they will get a lot of money to help Las Vegas, in addition, Las Vegas will provide numerous benefits for the Raiders, that is to say, the future of the Raiders will get countless benefits. But that is only the future, look back to reality in Oakland, this kind of crime and barren coexistence, not only that the Raiders even a renovation of the stadium, the Raiders are not, even the team’s cheerleaders are almost to pay wages.

Recently, the Oakland Raiders due to arrears of nearly 100 cheerleaders team wages were cheerleaders reported jointly, these beautiful cheerleaders very determined to hire lawyers to prosecute the Oakland Raiders team. According to reports, the prosecution team cheerleaders Raiders not paid all they deserve in the period of 2010-2014 and the cost of the show rehearsal overtime, so the cheerleaders have the choice of no problem, we seem to be so professional in the NFL League saw as wages phenomenon will appear in CBA.

So the cheerleaders are basically composed of women, the Raiders in cheerleaders wage behavior can be concluded as the first contains a certain degree of gender discrimination, because the Raiders had not burst or other players in the team of staff wages and the phenomenon of light is owed cheerleaders girls wages, this is easy as Raiders bully girls are not good at awareness of rights. As a NFL team, so the team’s annual profit billion, broke the salary arrears problem is there is a big impact because, according to reliable sources on total arrears of the girls a total salary of $1 million 250 thousand, which greatly affects their work enthusiasm, and $1 million 250 thousand for a NFL occupation team, but the salary cap can be ignored in the part of the minimum wage, just a free player is probably the number. So, cheap nfl jerseys the Raiders are very unkind to do so. If the team is short of money, it’s understandable, but a million dollars is not a good thing for the raiders.

Tracy and Sarah in two on behalf of the case under a pseudonym cheerleaders, now each cheerleader will receive about $20 thousand, this is the best performance of female rights in the new era, the two girls said they never thought of looking for a lawyer litigation to have such a good effect, they are very happy to fight for myself. This is a vivid example of safeguarding the rights of women, put aside, if every woman has this consciousness, believe that international women’s Liberation activities have won a great victory.

The Raiders are not the first prosecution team, like before the NBA team jerseys Milwaukee bucks cheerleaders also accused the Bucks do not pay wages; while the NFL team Buffalo Bill cheerleaders have received such treatment. Therefore, when women’s personal rights are violated, we should promptly take legal weapons to protect themselves, so that we can seek the best results.