The easy career masterpiece

In the wake of Foxborough opener lose the first battle, the new England patriots today in New Orleans finally win back the feeling. And all of this comes from the team headed quarterback Tom Brady’s recovery.

After the opening match, Brady said the attitude of the team and the competition need to be promoted to a higher level of media. With the power savings for a whole week, Brady in the Mercedes – Benz Superdome stadium led the team to a 36:20 victory at home court the New Orleans saints, and again in their own occupation career left an excellent representative.

After the game, Brady finally breathed a sigh of relief, he admitted to the media: “the start of the season that we lost the last ten days of the preparation period is a year long. ”

Brady’s behaviour at the start of the fourth game of the game reflected his pitch leadership. At that time, the Patriots led by a big margin of 33:13. Brady paced back and forth on the sidelines, talking with each player of the team emotionally. He very clearly reminded his teammates don’t let opener paratelum nightmare again. In that game, the Patriots section fourth is the chief team won 21 points, while they lost.

Small lows rebound instantly

The Patriots finally finished off in the match. However, the game is even more worth mentioning, their dazzling first game.

After Brady asked the team will enhance the competitiveness to a new height, he in the game for the first day will lead the team finished 3 touchdowns. It was also the first time that Brady’s 18 year career had been so perfect. Stunning first day play also alleviated the impact of the defensive side of the nfl Patriots jerseys during the game on the results of the game.

The Patriots wide receiver Brandon Cousteau to Brady’s presentation today said: “Brady led the team not only in words, he also personally, with action to lead us. This is the biggest responsibility the team quarterback needs to do. Brady did this point! ”

Finally, Tom Brady of the game data frame for the 39 of 30 passes successfully, 447 yards, 3 touchdowns, and there was a steal. Brady also to occupation career 52 games scored at least 3 touchdowns and did not send the interception success, surpassing Payton Manning, a union in the data statistics on the first person.

According to the Elias sports data recording, Tom Brady has become the Warren moon, second to 40 years of age or older in a game in the pass at least 400 yards and 3 touchdowns making quarterback. In October 1997, Jose Mourinho created the record at the age of 40 and 11 months. Of course, as one of the worst defensive teams in the NFL League jerseys sale, this poor team of saints defence also gives Brady the advantage of making history.

The prospect of next week at the Gillette stadium by J.J.- w home court led Houston Dezhou team defense group, Brady will face a more difficult game. However, when a week accumulated emotion released out of the Brady and patriots finally lost the opener from the shadow, we can be sure that they have enough time and strength to deal with this challenge.