Dezhou’s new line of defense is impregnable

Houston, who was absent from Dezhou for almost the entire season, was officially returned to the Dezhou people’s training camp on Wednesday, J.J.Watt, due to injuries.

Watt said in an interview on the same day: “it’s great to be back on the pitch, coming back and playing with your teammates. I feel like I belong to this place.”.”

Watt, who won the 2012 – and 2014-2015 season defensive player jersey of the year, played only 3 games last season with a back injury.

Watt for his injury said: “obviously it all took a long time, we spent a lot of efforts to come back, but this is just the beginning, I also look forward to the next day, as I said, I enjoy and teammates in a time.”

Walter, 28, has completed 76 kills in his career, and his return will be a great help to the defence of the Dezhou people, who will form a formidable defensive line with another Jadeveon Clowney.

The Hawks traded for draft picks, and the new Mustang season brought new recruits

The Philadelphia hawks unexpectedly traded veteran Allen Barbre players to the Denver Mustang in return for a conditional draft pick in 2019.

And a few hours before the deal was completed, the Hawks announced they would cut Babu.

Babu wouldn’t lose the draft if he could not stay in the wild. Babu ray will be in the race to protect the front guard, the new season Mustang attack front line will have 4 new starting players.

Babu, 33, started 12 games last season, most of the time as left winger and part of the nike nfl jerseys right winger. He missed part of spring training because of a calf injury. In training, he and the two grade player Isaac – Seumalo (Isaac Su Su) to share the starting line-up of the time. Now Sue Marlowe in training camp will served as the starting left guard.

The Hawks seem to have a good depth of attack in the inside attack. They have signed the former first round Wisniewski players (Chance Warmack) and renewed their contract with the veteran Stefen.