In the 10th week of the NFL regular season, the New England Patriots played against the Tennessee Titans. Before the game, it was generally believed that it was a battle between the Patriots I and the Patriots II. The Titans have a large number of former patriots and coaches who say they think this week’s game is just a part of the long season of Rip, without any special preparation, but after Titan’s 34-10 victory over the powerful patriots, their former predecessors began to express their true feelings.

Former Patriots runner Dion Lewis helped the Patriot get 1110 yards in the 2017 season, but the team let him become a free agent after the season without renewing his contract. At that time, the Titans threw an olive branch at him and signed Lewis with a fat contract of $4.8 million. He was one of the Patriots’ predecessors, and today he got 69 yards to help Tennessee people beat their old club. When asked why he had left New England, Lewis responded politely: “This is my private matter. When you look down on your opponent, you will easily fall. ”

After the game, Lewis also posted three “laughing and crying” expressions on New player jerseys twitter, which seemed to indicate something.

Corner guard Malcolm Butler had a bad time with the Patriots coaching team last season. The former Super Bowl hero was suddenly abandoned without warning in the 52nd Super Bowl and could only watch the team lose to the Hawks. This caused great controversy at that time, but even so, Butler has never complained publicly about his old club. His answer is more converging than Lewis’s: “We want to defeat all our opponents, but today is obviously my favorite time.”

Butler admitted that he had been trying to put the Super Bowl nfl jerseys behind him for a week before the game, but it was difficult to do so. Earlier this week, Butler said in an interview that there was no discord with the patriots. He planned to visit Bill Bilicheck on purpose before the game, but instead of greeting Bilicheck before the game, Butler met Bilicheck on the court as a winner after the game.

Butler added: “He (Bilicheck) said he was grateful for the help I had given the team over the past four years, and I said something similar. He wishes us good luck for the rest of the season and tells me to keep fighting with passion. He knows I will. Butler suffered a period of injuries at the beginning of the season, which made his start in Tennessee Titans jerseys wholesale difficult, and he thought he would get back on track after the game.

“I am trying to reverse the situation. I need to maintain stability, discipline, speed and desire for victory. I think I’ve turned the corner from embarrassment to safety. Every day I continue to study at home and in the video studio. I like to study videos when I rest.

Well, girls will occasionally miss their predecessor, Ji Man. When they meet their predecessor, there will always be some inexplicable feelings in their hearts. Apart from the players, Titan’s coach Mike Flabell and general manager Joan Robinson are both veteran patriots. Lewis and Butler have been successful patriots together. For them, the Titans are a good destination.