Experts explain how to fake

Recently, Xu Xiaodong vs Lei Tai Chi events continue to simmer, Tai Chi is pushed in the teeth of the storm. November 11, 2013 Hunan TV variety show “the challenge” in the broadcast of the Tai Chi Master Wang Zhanhai and the 3 China Agricultural University football player video by netizens were pulled out. “Southern Metropolis Daily”, “Beijing people do not know the Beijing thing” and other large and micro have forwarded, and once again sparked a heated debate. Many netizens said: “too false, a look is the child care”, “this is the performance department students out to earn extra income,” “Chinese martial arts fraud, Chinese sports fraud, Chinese media fraud.”.”
This is Wang Zhanhai Chen Tai Chi Boxing Champion second generation, won the world champion Tai Chi program, he claimed that Tai Chi Kung Fu challenge from the China Agricultural University football team, Li Tietuo Li Chuang, Wang Yakun’s defense. A program is made at the beginning of full potential, each kind of after put malicious words, Li Tietuo said: “Teacher Wang, I see you is a stunt, the ball, I put you on the court for this temporary custody, we have to get it back.” And the polite Teacher Wang responded similarly, “once the ball is given to me, I feel it’s hard for you to take it back from my hand.”.”

The Tai Chi Master 1v3 football man showdown rule is that, in the 50*50 football field, a Tai Chi nfl jerseys football ball, rugby side three people defensive interception, 3 minutes if Taiji ball reach lines, then win, whereas Rugby party wins. The showdown finally began after trying to exaggerate the age, shape, gap, and tension of both sides.

First, Wang Yakun took the lead to Wang launched an impact, Wang Yi a force easily escaped. Fill up a sudden jump on Li Tietuo, Wang turned him down, and then to the king Li Chuang Teacher Wang foot attack, a flexible jump, then, was to repeat the “fierce” attack and Wang “clever” resolve. After the interview that the secret out of surgery, Mr. Wang said that “Tai Chi spiral and flash station maneuvers, three football players said:” Teacher Wang these technical movements, never seen in the football field.”

For their “Duel”, some experts have made an interpretation. The first played for foreign clubs, football players, only one representative of the people’s Liberation Army and Zhongnongda both teams won the national championship football player, Chinese national team in 2006 Doha Asian Games bronze medal. Liu Kai is such analysis:

1. the king Yakun defense did not move the body to the standard position, hastily tapped his shoulder or head even in grasping the basic sense of No.
2., Li Tie has not put the weight of his body into the shoulder, tighten his arms to embrace each other, but when Wang turned to loosen his arms and fall.
3. Li Chuang Wang head to the soles of the feet of the air arm, deliberately down sweep, not on target.

4., the defender’s low position, after throwing his arms, as long as the defense normal contraction of arms, Wang will be thrown upside down, but the defender’s arms until the ground is kept open ring.
5. finally there was a defender who caught Mr. Wang’s clothes. But when he turned around, he could see clearly that the 5 finger of his right hand had not been opened properly.
6. defenders and teacher Wang was on and he must go hand in hand, speed faster than Wang, but apparently he deliberately slowed down, let Wang ran out after the chase, at the end of the show up before a fight.
In 7. the program rules, as long as 3 people make Wang 3 minutes Neibuda array can win, as long as the king of the teacher to keep in a safe distance from front distance 30 meters. The 3 had absolutely no reason to chase a distance of 40 meters away from the front, and tried to keep away from the front.
8., from the professional point of view of football, a defender can not make the case, teammate team defense is the most cheap football jerseys normal on-the-spot judgment. In a limited number of individual defensive contacts to Wang’s body stalemate, why other people sitting on the mountain view tiger fight?

Not to mention the real football clothing has superior resistance to tear will be torn, and the king of the teacher wearing a tai chi clothing can not help pull can still see texture intact, wearing spikes and 20 year students in the grass ran but wear flat shoes 40 year old uncle, this is a little troubling. Wear shoes with spikes can effectively increase the friction force between the sole and the grass, to provide support, this is common sense. Liu Kai also said: “Taijiquan and football is totally different. Another powerful Tai Chi Boxer, get a touchdown in rugby rules over 3 professional football player, absolutely impossible. It’s like making sure that once the world’s first strong rugby players, New Zealand superstar Jonah Romu (Lomu) professional training in the absence of professional boxing.”

The effect of the program can not represent the competitive level of Chinese sports, variety show, reality show has a script, a sports event, why should I take it seriously?. “Run” in the fifth quarter of a large fry Luhan and Di Ali Gerba on this CP, for two people in manufacturing all kinds of pink, this Zheng Kai said in an interview “program is the program, life is life.” Here, I’m afraid to say, the program is the program, sports is sports, do not confuse the program with Chinese sports.