NFL in China to promote the line: the cultivation of the market to take root.

For a long time, the promotion of NFL in China is facing two difficulties. One is the fan base is weak, a lot of things have to start from scratch; second, China does not have an official body to promote the sport of American football.

The home team crying out to rave rave wild despite losing fans but with them, wild home Xcel Energy Center arena.

You know, NFL is not exactly the same as American football. As a business organization, NFL can not be assumed to bear all the responsibility for the promotion of the whole. On this issue, my colleague, the famous Chinese NFL commentary Xiao deep in his previous column has been discussed in detail.

According to the introduction of Richard, NFL China in the early consciousness, we must make great efforts to cultivate the mass base. For example, he said, is 8 years ago on the flag football league, is to let the football in the Chinese more down to earth, so that more young people to participate in this sport, and as an important means of a popular project.

The charm of the ice hockey game can be said to be the best in the game nfl jerseys china against the wild game, not until the last moment, who can not tell who is the final winner. “We Still Believe (we still believe)” this is today’s Minnesota wild home court a lot of fans played slogan, Minnesota wild in the series 0-3 score behind the case, in the Saint Louis Blues home court made a comeback, avoid was swept in the first round of the playoffs. Fans believe that both home and away, as long as a win, Minnesota wild or promotion possible.

The opening of the Saint Louis Blues team in the game played less than eight minutes to break the success, and in the next few minutes another victory, making Minnesota wild in a very passive situation. Big score 1-3 behind, coupled with the opening of the home 0-2, put all the pressure on the wild players in Minnesota. In this game, the core of the team after the game Coyle talked about the team in the first two goals behind the case, “they (Blues) into the two ball very early, but we still have a lot of time, we finally come back, showing our character, but they are still in overtime we won the match.”

The turning point of the game in the wild team player Sidor head was injured after the injury, the referee did not give the wild deserved punishment, the audience shouted loudly to the referee absurd penalty attracted a boos. At this point, Minnesota wild team in the audience to support the fans to fight back and even scored two goals in the last minute to tie the score.

Unfortunately, in overtime, the victory did not favor the wild, once again to the blues. Although the overtime, the wild has been constantly suppressed by attacking the blues, but veteran Blues rely solely on the back several times to form the final score to win, with a total score of 4-1 to qualify for the next round of the playoffs.

Waist flag football in that particular stage of development, does play a certain role in promoting, China is now a group of American football practitioners, is completed through the flag football football enlightenment. But now the domestic football environment has changed a lot. In addition to the official activities of the NFL, such as the city bowl, AFLC, such as the domestic Amateur League, similar to the huge array of this football training program, is subject to market and capital concerns.

So, Richard’s point of view is that American football is already a can earn money, “Good Business”. In this one, NFL jerseys is more to play a role of help and support. Through the provision of coaching, training courses and other means, NFL will work with domestic institutions to enhance the influence of football programs in China and professional level.

Minnesota is known as the State Ice Hockey (ice hockey state), 19228 is the total number of fans arrived at the scene tonight, the fans can imagine the enthusiasm of the. Prior to the start of the game, the University of Minnesota hockey team coach Mike as a special guest of today’s game to guide the audience shouted, “Let ‘s Play Hockey! Let’s play ice hockey ” With the white towel and a chorus of shouting, the game started today.