NFL’s injury in the second week was too bad! I even want to ask, did you not get hurt by watching the ball? If you have paid attention to yesterday’s game, you will find that many star players are like reaping wheat, Nick Bossa, sakwan Buckley, Christian mcafrey, drew rock… This may be the most serious injury week of NFL since the beginning of the 21st century. Here are seven teams with the most serious injury impact this week Zhou’s injury situation has a general understanding.

No. 1 San Francisco 49ers

Rush passer Nick Bossa (ligament tear, season reimbursement)

Quarterback Jimmy gallopollo (ankle, unknown)

Running guard Rahim mostet (knee, weeks out)

Solomon Thomas (knee, unknown)

No.2 New York Giants

Van Barkley (ligament tear, season reimbursement)

Fielder Sterling Shepard (toe, unknown)

No.3 Denver Broncos

Quarterback drew Locke (shoulder injury, absent for 3-5 weeks)

Outfielder Cortland Sutton (ligament tear, season reimbursement)

No.4 Indianapolis Colts

Safety guard Malik hooker (ligament tear, season reimbursement)

Outfielder Paris Campbell (knee injury, very low chance of return)

The Colts recovered from their first week loss to the Jacksonville Jaguar and beat the Minnesota Vikings this week. But the victory cost the Colts dearly, with both hooker and Campbell leaving the game. The good news is that Campbell’s ligament has not been torn. The bad news is that Colts fans must also restrain their optimism. The second round show of the second grade is still waiting for the MRI results, and the injury is not optimistic. On the other side, Hooker’s ligament was torn and the season was spent. Hooker, who has been in the NFL for four years, has spent most of his career struggling with injuries, and this year is still the case.

No.5 Carolina Panthers

Running guard Christian mcafrey (knee injury, 4-6 weeks out)

No.6 Los Angeles Chargers

Quarterback Tyrol Taylor (chest injury)

Chargers shocked the football world when he suddenly announced that rookie Justin Herbert would replace Taylor in chief a few hours before kick-off.