September United States United Nations best player announced

At the end of the fourth week of NFL, it is time to announce the best player of the month.

The Patrick Mahomes, the Kansas City chief, was named the best offensive player in the United States. He played a dazzling role in the last night. In the 10 quarter of the fourth quarter, the two grade player led the team to complete the 2 wave attack. He showed an amazing passing speed beyond the quarterback protection net. He passed 192 yards outside the quarterback net in the last game, the most in 10 years.

Houston Dezhou J.J. Watt became the best defensive player of the league in the month. In the battle against the New York giants, he completed 3 hits. He made two tackles against the Indianapolis Colts, including a five-yard tackle that led to a drop. This defense helps Dezhou offensive team take advantage and then get the touchdown. Any doubts about Watt’s return to fitness after two seasons of premature reimbursement for serious injuries can be settled.

Baltimore Raven kicker (Justin Tucker) became the best player in the United States monthly. He scored the 4 goal of the free kick in the match against Pittsburgh Steelers.

Losangeles Jared Goff became the best offensive player in the league. In his 38-31 victory over the Minnesota Vikings jerseys, he made a career-high 465 yards and 5 touchdowns in 26 of his 33 passes, and his 158.3 quarterback score was the best in his career.

Chicago Xiong Xianwei Khalil Mack became the best defensive player in the league. In the last game against the Tampa Bay Pirates, he completely destroyed the opponent’s offensive front, scored four grabs, one capture, one hit the quarterback, one grab led to loss of yards, one break pass and one forced drop. His performance is more dominant than data. Mike has put great pressure on the pirate attack team. The year’s best defender of the year’s hotspot has shown he deserves a costly trade from the Bears.

New Orleans Wil Lutz became the best secret service player in the League of nations. He shot 4 free kicks in the battle against the New York giants.

The Atlanta Falcon jerseys catcher (Calvin Ridley) has become the best attacking player in the month. The first-round outsider made six rearrangements in three games, ranking No. 1 in the league and the most in the first four NFL games of his career.

Indianapolis Darius Leonard became the best defensive nfl player jerseys sales in the month. In the 4 match, he has scored 4 hits, 2 passes and 1 passes.