Seattle Seahawks and left front Donne Brown renew the contract for 3 years

In July 29th, when Seattle Seahawks jerseys traded from Houston Dezhou to Duane Brown last year, the team general manager (John Schneider) said he wanted the left forward to finish his career at the Sea Hawk.

On Saturday, the two sides took a step towards this goal.

The hawk announced that they had renewed their contract with Brown. The contract is 3 years, worth $36 million 500 thousand.

Brown was about to enter the contract year with a salary of $9 million 750 thousand. Now he will serve the hawk to the 2021 season.

At the end of October, the hawk got Brown and a fifth round of draft from the Dezhou people with a 2018 third round show and a second round show in 2019.

Brown joined the Sea Hawk and quickly upgraded the offensive frontline that ranks the worst in the league. According to the professional rugby focus network data, Brown’s passing level is ranked seventh in the league.

Brown, who will turn 33 next month, is still one of the best left wing of the league. The hawk expects him to continue to play at a high level. Russell Wilson can expect him to stay healthy for a long time.

Jet Coach: absence training camp is the loss of Mr.

In order to get a more desirable contract, Sam Darnold, a jet runner jerseys nfl, has put pressure on the team through training. Todd Bowles is not satisfied with this.

Bowers said, “every second of his absence is his loss. Of course, once he comes here, we will try to catch up with him, but I have 79 players jersey to care about. ”

But Bowers understood that he had not yet signed a contract. He said the contract dispute was normal.