Matt Breida jerseys, the 49ers running back, has a knee injury that has cast a shadow over his chances of playing in Sunday’s lightning match.

Breda is currently in alliance with Ezekiel Elliott for second. He was restricted to participate in Friday training and was officially listed as uncertain.

The coach, Kyle Shanahan, said he would see how Radar felt san francisco 49ers jerseys on Sunday before deciding whether to let him play.

Shanahan told reporters: “it depends on how he feels on the day of competition. He’s been in a slightly more ups and downs this week and a little worse yesterday, so we’re limiting his training today (Friday) to mitigate the impact. In any case, it is better to be unable to determine the possibility of a fight than to be doubtful.

Other runners-up guards on the 53-man roster include Alfred Morris (Raheem Mostert), who also has knee injuries. The training lineup also includes Jeff Wilson.