California introduces new crown ban, 49ers consider playing at home of Cardinals

Santa Clara County, California, on Saturday issued a new cap epidemic restriction that bans all sports contact and requires that anyone entering the county from 150 miles away be quarantined for 14 days. In short, the San Francisco 49ers need to find a new home for the rest of the season.

49ers team officials worked with NFL officials on Saturday to continue working on the plan, and so far nothing has been decided.

However, people familiar with the matter said the most likely option would be for 49 to play their last three home games at Arizona Cardinals. Cardinals are said to be willing to allow 49ers to use their courts.

The league wants 49ers players to play in the NFL as much as possible. Another option is for 49ers to play in a stadium in Texas.

As for training, there are still several options for the 49. They may be training in Arizona while staying in a hotel for a month. Another possibility is to train 150 miles away from Santa Clara County – so that team members can sometimes meet with their families – and then go to their new “home” before game day.

The San Francisco 49ers jerseys wholesale will return to San Francisco before the ban takes effect after the away game against the Los Angeles Rams. They expect to make a decision soon.

49 man coach Shanahan: playing in Arizona is the best

The 49 will not be able to train in their usual venues for the next three weeks. To this end, all Rugby operations were moved to Arizona.

The 49ers will host their 13th and 14th week home games in Arizona. The team officially announced on Monday that the next two home games will be held at Arizona cardinals home jerseys, state farm stadium.

The 49 man game does not conflict with the Cardinals schedule.

“Cardinals club, State Farm Insurance course and league officials have been active in supporting us, helping us sort things out and solving a lot of issues related to changing venues,” 49ers said in a statement

The 49ers will face bill and Washington in the next two games before heading to Dallas to play cowboys.

Currently, the 49 are still looking for new training sites, and they are more likely to train in the bay area and fly to Arizona during the competition. But according to Santa Clara County, travelers travelling more than 150 miles are advised to be quarantined for at least 14 days.