Running back Todd Gurley visits the Detroit Lions

Running back Todd Gurley jersey visited the lion and underwent a physical examination, according to NFL Network on Thursday.

The lions currently have Gurley former team mate at ram, quarterback Jared Goff. They once entered the super bowl together in RAM, but unfortunately lost to patriots. After that, the performance of ram began to decline, and golly and Goff also left ram one after another.

Gurley was once regarded as one of the best running guards in the league, but his output has decreased year by year since he injured his knee. When he played for the Falcons jerseys onsales last season, Gurley reached the array nine times, but the average stroke size was only 3.5, which was not enough for the league’s starting running guards, and it was not consistent with Gurley great reputation.

The lions’ running guards currently include d’andre swift and Jamal Williams, and wholesale Todd Gurley jerseys can share the rush task with them to reduce the burden on the knee.