Rahm Qi Ke was chosen to go with the Broncos, Pittsburgh Steelers nfl Player jerseys Bolles had selected Robinson Kamm par, is a good offensive tackle the top three. The saints indeed looking for right tackle Zach, his successor, however, did not expect the team even before the first selected defensive end selected offensive tackle.

No. 25: Jia Brill peipers, Michigan, safetys, Cleveland Brown (from Dezhou people and trade)

Peipers is a rare all-around player, can play the safetys played linebacker on defense group, in the attack group played running back, the unit played back to attack the hand. The Brown team to attack special lack of people speaking, no matter what position peipers can come in handy. The only question is, just last week peipers broke the in vivo test urine test failed, it seems Brown’s management believes that this is not a problem.

No. 26: calliste tower – Mckinley, University of California at Los Angeles, Atlanta (from the outside linebacker, Falcon Seahawks and fair)
Falcon is similar to the Raiders, although there is a defensive team – Beasley – the big kill, but in fact the overall performance is very general, was recognized in the first round of the election pass, the final selection of the manager is also the reason for the Mckinley.

No. 27: special radar Weiesi – White, Louisiana state, cornerback, buffalo Bill (from the Emirates and fair)
The Bill team lost Gilmore headed west, von angle in this free market, so it is urgent to line two, selected cornerback belongs to the reason, White’s strength has also been considered in the first round by the end of may be selected. Generally speaking, it is a reasonable choice.

No. 28: taco Charlton, Michigan, the Dallas Cowboys defensive end.
Charlton has recently been considered to be selected at the end of the first round, and the lack of defensive side of the Cowboys is also well known. Therefore, before all the predictions are to match the cowboy with Charlton, the cowboy is indeed the choice.

29: David en library, Miami (Florida), near front, Cleveland, Brown (from the packers trade)
Njoku is also the top tight end, originally considered at least in the top 15, unexpectedly Pittsburgh Steelers nfl Player jerseys fell to the end, even in Engelamu, indeed some unexpected. Brown almost every position is short of talent, select the front end is also very reasonable.

No. 30: TJ- Watt, Wisconsin, outside linebacker, Pittsburgh Steelers
TJ JJ- is the brother of Watt, there are 15.5 negative yardage holds 11.5 sacks last season, has been considered to be the end of the first round of the second round or at the beginning of the level, and the main 3-4 formation the Steelers also can say very suitable.

No. 31: Reuben – Forster, Alabama, inside Wei, 49 people in San Francisco (from the Seahawks and fair)
Forster was considered to be the first five levels of the draft, I did not expect to have fallen to the number of thirty-first. He has worked with the staff in the period of conflict. But I did not expect it to be so much attention to the team, do not choose him. The 49 may think that the next saint will pick him up before the saints.

32: Ryan Rahm, Wisconsin,, New Orleans

Overall, the overall trend of the first round of this year’s draft, with the previous experts differ widely in the forecast. This is a typical three year quarterback, quarterback objectively didn’t match the first round, but are in the top 12 were selected, and their teams are selected for this specially made transaction, reflects the team on this position fling caution to the winds. In addition, the universe of Alabama three will Allen, Howard and Forster because of different reasons for the overall decline, but also makes people sigh.