Take over the family, so respond

After the fifty-first Super Bowl win reversal, the Patriots in making this season, will be Taiwan and more than a few strange name: Stephen Gilmore, brandin Cousteau, Berlusconi – Avery and other new members, these new weapons with the history of the best quarterback, people can not help but to the patriot of the new season prospect of dreams, is Aigo that can accomplish the historical feat they work not completed 10 years ago: 19 even cut the season.
Reason, to my years of pursuit of American TV experience, what play to the fifth quarter, the sixth season, are chasing feelings. Because the plot is too many, it is difficult to repeat, so that later, the drama and the drama of the slow man and nature together, sitting in front of the computer will be able to think of the story behind eight or nine, ten. The Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman for the “sixth season” daydream of concise and comprehensive said: “come, tell me who said that, you again, so I can’t see the lost character, hit you.”

I remember in 2008, the forty-second Super Bowl in Arizona on the American League in the new England Patriots quarterback Brady took over and under the leadership of Moss, played a regular season of fantastic 16 game winning streak, to gangbusters trend, directed at the super bowl, into the distance as the greatest team in NFL history only a step away. To view the other side of the National League New York giants, the regular season is only 10 wins and 6 losses, stumbled among the wild card game.

The first three sections on both sides of the score is always 7:3 Aigo ahead, we focus on the fourth day, Manning led the giants completed a touchdown score counter ultra, but the patriots are under pressure to form a wave back, then scored a touchdown, the score was 14:10. Patriots cheap jerseys are 2 minutes away from the perfect season of 19 wins.

The game continues, the giants plunge in the fourth offensive. At this time, I saw the giants have been rushed to the pocket patriot broken little Manning’s clothes are all a hideous mess, has been dragged to the defensive player, captured and killed in a moment. Suddenly Manning magic to get rid of grapple with all the ball forward throw, thought: Hey, make or break it. The fans held their breath, and everyone’s eyes fixed on the pass. Then the most classic Super Bowl history scene, a man named David Teri unknown hero was born, even with a helmet to complete the change in new England patriots and the New York giants two team history ball! In the last 35 seconds, little Manning completed a long pass, and at 17:14 the giants finally completed the reversal.

Think of this, remember last year a record 73 wins the warriors, who love to get them to do comparison, as to the champion in the way invincible, but in the finals 3-1 lead in the case by the order reversed, but now, they all win. Now think about it, a blessing in disguise, great achievements before, which can not be experienced several setbacks.

The new England patriots although once played the longest 18 game winning streak in the super bowl jersey, but crashed. The fans and the players didn’t want to mention the same year as Michael Jordan, who played quarterback at the University and just finished his third season. After joining the Patriots, took over to Edelman, played an important role in the revival of the team, slowly become the most love the Brady pass.

“Stupid, really stupid. (for the season’s 19 win). No one has ever done it before. We should focus on the preparations for the new season, try to familiarize ourselves with our teammates and pinpoint our positions.”. I mean, this is not Hollywood, no script with the story, do not think of these things with no reality whatever.”

The new season will start in 50 days, as the saying goes: the villain’s design is obvious. Patriot offseason so big action, everyone knows they are going to do great things. For this team and the fans of this team, don’t say a little more. If you have a surprise, please take care of your hormones.