Near end striker Travis kelce is dissatisfied with teammate Patrick mahomes jersey ranking at No. 4

The top 10 of 2020’s top 100 players, voted by players, were announced yesterday. Last year’s Super Bowl MVP, chief quarterback Patrick mahomes was only fourth. At least in the eyes of Travis kelce, the nearest forward, that’s not the right place.

“It’s probably television,” Kelsey told reporters on Thursday. Maybe that’s it

Russell Wilson and Lamar Jackson, both quarterbacks, were second and first respectively, while mahmouds was fourth for two consecutive years.

Mahmouds himself was quick to respond by posting a note taking expression on twitter.

Although winning the Super Bowl didn’t make him rank higher in the top 100 players, he won at least 500 million contracts and has a bright future.

“I don’t believe the NFL has a better quarterback than him,” Kelsey said. Now it’s a pleasure to be a chieftain because the top five players are here