Browns takes over David: need to help the team’s attack

After two weeks of the season, takeover Odell Beckham Jr. jersey adjusted his expectations for the season.

Instead of chasing good numbers, he hopes to help Cleveland Browns jerseys become the best offensive team in the league.

“For me, one of my biggest growth is to learn to accept and I know I may not have a season like that,” he said on Thursday. “As I’ve always said, my goal will always be my goal, and I don’t think I can’t miss it. As I said, learn and accept, so you set new goals. ”

David has made seven catches in two games, reaching 96 yards one time. Most of his performances came from playing against the Cincinnati tigers. But in that race, more striking were Browns’s two running guards, Nick Chubb and Kareem hunt.

Beckham jersey believes his job now is to help the team attack the ball, china jerseys online whether it is to open the way for the running guard or to attract the attention of the opponent’s safety guard.

“It’s a match between players in the game, trying to improve their kick-off pace or something else, and it’s a new goal in addition to always wanting to win,” he said. “Nick CHAB needs to be the number one running guard in the league, or Karim. You have two real top runners, and our team is very, very, very good at charging, so you have to take advantage. Then I think you will know where you are fit to play and where you can finish the attack and where you can help the team

Although there have been comments that he is a selfish player who only wants the ball right and attention, his statement proves that he is not. If Browns’s attacking team can play a stable and excellent performance, then even if David does not have brilliant data, he still plays an important role.