George Forman

Forman was also the name of the year of Ali, many times against ali. He had 76 wins and 5 losses in his career, 1973 of whom KO, Joe – Fraser, won the heavyweight champion gold belt.

Herschel Walker

Herschel Walker is perhaps one of the best players in college football history, University of Walker during the period of average each season to punch the ball more than 1600+ codes, he led the University of Georgia won the national championship, the university three years all nominated Heisman and in 1982 won the award. But his NFL career has been less brilliant.

Griffith Joyner

Joyner is a woman sprint legend, the 1988 Seoul Olympic Games she won 3 gold medals, and 10.49 seconds to hit a world record in the 100 meters in 21 seconds 34 hit 200 meters world record, the two record until 30 years later was later broken.


Sprinter Carle Lewis is one of only four consecutive Olympic long jump champion players, not only that Lewis also won 2 gold medals and 100 meter Olympic gold 1 200 metre Olympic gold medal, and 2 4*100 meters relay Olympic gold medal.


Michael – Johnson is the best in the history of the 400 meter race, he repeatedly in the men’s 400 meter event ran 44 seconds mark, the 7 consecutive year in 400 meters to win the first.

Jim Brown

Jim – Brown is the hero of the whole city of Cleveland, in 1964 he led Brown won the NFL champion, career 9 selected All-Star bowl jerseys, 8 times selected the best first team. To commemorate Brown’s contribution, Cleveland also built a statue for it.

lebron james

James 7 consecutive finals, which won 3 NBA championship trophy 3 times, winning the finals MVP, personal occupation career 4 harvest MVP regular season, 11 All NBA first team, 13 time NBA all star, won 3 Olympic champion, Cleveland is also a hero.

Stephen curry

Stephen curry won two NBA Championships, also won two NBA MVP, 4 time all star, two time all NBA jerseys wholesale first team, he still hit 402 three pointers single season record NBA.

Jesse Joyner Cauchy

She is the seven Olympic all-around queen, has won three Olympic gold medals, not only in the all-around project invincible, he has won the gold medal in the female long jump project.

Jackson, Bo

Wave – Jackson is the first in the NFL and MLB are two major league All-Star titles, and entered the hall of fame players, talent is invincible, he began to take both NFL and MLB match from 1986 in 1990, 950 yards rushing and 4 touchdowns in the NFL all star, the same year in 0.272 the hit rate and 110 hits into the all star selection MLB.