Philadelphia Eagles coach pedson: can still coach the team remotely

After (Sean Payton), (Doug Pederson) became the second NFL head coach to confirm the new crown.

At the moment, pedson needs to isolate himself, but he believes the team will not be affected.

“I want to tell you that I feel good, energetic and asymptomatic at the moment,” Pedersen said in an interview on Monday. I have been actively in contact with the medical team, also with my coaching team and the team

Before the team announced the news, pedson held a meeting to inform the players of their own test results.

Pedson, 52, is asymptomatic and normal. According to the team statement, Pedersen has begun to isolate himself and maintain communication with the team’s medical team.

The club speculated that pedson was infected outside the training facility and will continue to lead the team through remote video.

Pedson spent four years in the Hawks, led three playoffs and won a super bowl.

The head coach assistant (dues Staley) will take over responsibility within the facility. However, Pedersen said he could continue to operate via video conferencing after the long-distance off-season.

“I can still control it,” Pedersen said. One of the things I learned this off-season is that I can run the team remotely, and that’s what I did today. Yesterday I also held a conference via remote video. “