This may be the last week of the NFL’s craziest regular season in recent years!

Next Monday, the last week of the regular season, may be the craziest 17th week in many seasons

Because 11 teams have the chance to get on the last bus of the playoffs, 2020 is over, but some problems left over from last year will not be solved until Monday

Let’s see which teams can make a good start in 2021, with only two playoff seats left before the last week of last year’s regular season

This season, however, there are still 11 teams competing for the remaining seven seats

What are the 11 teams

Dolphins, browns, Ravens, Bears, Titans jerseys

Rams, bears, cardinals, giants, cowboys, Washington

This means that the results of 11 games will directly affect the playoffs of this season

Next, Xiaobian will show you

The promotion situation of each of the 11 teams

Each team needs only one of the situations listed

You can make it to the playoffs

cleveland browns jerseys

1. Defeat the Steelers

2. Titans loses + Ravens wins / draws + dolphins wins / draws

3. Bears loses

Baltimore Ravens

1. Defeat Bengals

Browns, any team in the Colts loses

Miami Dolphins

1. Beat Bills

2. Colts, browns and Ravens lose

Tennessee Titans jerseys

1. Defeat Texans (top division)

2. Colts, Ravens and browns lose

Isn’t it a bit confused? It doesn’t matter. All the answers will be revealed after Monday.