One of the best outside players in history, one nfl jerseys of the best defensive forwards, and the player considered by many to be NFL’s first ever star, was selected outside the 100 place.

6. Richard – Dent, defensive ends, 1983, eighth round 203, Chicago bear
The Chicago cubs of the 1985 season are widely regarded as the strongest single team in NFL history. The main defensive side of the team, Richard – Dent, is also a low profile black horse. The twentieth super bowl, the season he played a dominant performance, and reached its peak in the twentieth Super Bowl: 1.5 sacks, 2 caused the opponent off the ball, interrupted 1 times pass, this data made him the history of the strongest team in the Super Bowl MVP. He was selected 4 times in the season’s best team, and in the 1994 season with the San Francisco 49 team to win again.

5. Bart Starr quarterback, 1956, seventeenth round 200, Green Bay Packers

As the MVP quarterback who won the first and second super bowl, Starr will certainly appear on this list. Although the 60s NFL, not as much of a pass as it is now, Starr, the chief quarterback for the ruling Green Bay Packers, also shines in ability and achievement. Not only did the team win the 5 NFL championship and the 2 Super Bowl Championship, but he also won the 1 regular season MVP, and the 2 Super Bowl MVP.

4 – Jones Deakin, defensive end, 1961, the fourteenth round of 186, Losangeles rams

It is a long time star, Jones Deakin defensive end this position will bring about a revolution. In Losangeles, he was the leader of the defensive front line known as the “Fearsome Foursome”. 8 selected professional bowl, 8 season best team, the 2 defense team MVP, even the “capture” the word, allegedly by him. In the era when the data haven’t started counting, he was said to have won 26 and 24 kills in the 1967 and 68 seasons, and if true, it would be the most in the history of NFL.

3. Roger – J Tao Bach, quarterback, 1964, tenth round 129, Dallas Cowboys

As a result of military service, although the university performance is wonderful, but J Tao Bach’s draft is still very low. The Cowboys trusted him and paid off. When he returned from military service in 1969, J Tao Bach immediately became one of the founding fathers of the cowboys’ team of America nfl jerseys nike, and he himself was named captain of the United states. The 2 Super Bowl champion, 1 regular season MVP, 1 finals MVP, qualified in the first year of 1985, he was inducted into the hall of fame.

2 – Johnny Younai Tasmania, quarterback, in 1955, the ninth round 102, Pittsburgh Steelers

The difference Younai beskitas and other people is that he was chosen shortly after the Steelers cut, great achievements in career are in another team, the Baltimore Colts made. But it does not affect him. He is also a low ranking superstar and one of the greatest soccer players of all time. He had 3 regular season MVP, 1 Super Bowl titles, and 47 consecutive regular season passes, a record that was not broken by Drew Bracey until more than 50 years later.

1 Tom Brady, quarterback, in 2000, the sixth round 199, the new England Patriots

This list of the first story, everyone has been familiar with. In the second years of occupation career, Brady because Drew Bledsoe injured and hastily took place in this position for 16 years for that (and continues). In the 16 years so far, he has won the 2 regular season MVP, the 5 Super Bowl champion, and the 4 Super Bowl MVP. In the last season before, on the history of the first star who is there may be controversial, but two months ago, he in the fifty-first Super Bowl in the middle of the third quarter 25 points behind, but eventually complete reversal, won fourth career crown, may have all of the disputes are found on the set. The list of 9 other people in the rankings, who is tall, who is low, there is room for discussion. But in the scouting system changed in twenty-first Century, with such a low priority to achieve such a high achievement, there is no doubt that the history of the first Brady low ranking superstar.