In the NFL draft, high ranked players are expected to have high expectations. In history, however, some superstars have been selected in a very low position.

Here are the ten low CIS stars in the history of NFL:

10 – Antonio Brown, receivers, 2010, sixth round 195th, Pittsburgh Steelers

Tom Brady is the history of the most amazing low round quarterback miracle, Brown is undoubtedly the most amazing low round outside over the miracle. Students were influenced by their family environment, and Brown’s grades were so bad that they couldn’t get into the rugby school. In the 2010 draft, he is also considered the only speed, a running route will only turn to a player, that year for the 21 wide receiver was selected before Brown, but Brown after being drafted, but by hard work all day in and day out, let oneself the level today is more than the front. In 2014, his 1698 yard catch list, season history, 82015th season, his 1834 yard catch history, fourth. In the hands of today’s alliance, only Julio – Jones and Odell – Beckham can be compared with him, and the two are expensive for the first round of the show. Since Brown’s career is not over yet, we can’t give him a precise historical position, so we’ll put him in tenth place for the time being. I believe he will use brave performance, improve their historical status.

9 – Terrell Davies, running back, in 1995 196, Denver broncos.

Although due to injury, his occupation career is very short, but Terrell Davies in his 6 years of occupation career that has been great achievements. 1996-98, the three season, he ran for three consecutive years 1500+ yards, became the team’s quarterback John – Herve behind another Neptune needle. In 1997, super bowl, he played only three games, ran out of 157 yards, and became the Super Bowl in the history of the first three rushed to the array of players, was elected Super Bowl MVP. In the regular season of 1998, he became the fourth member of the 2000 – Yard Club in NFL history by 2008 yards and was elected the regular season MVP. The Denver Mustang also succeeded in defending the Super Bowl champion. Although 1998 Davies’s career was seriously affected by a severe knee injury, he played only 17 games in the next three years, and ended his career at the age of 2001 at the age of 29. But, as he himself said, he had got all the honors he could get, so he had no regrets.

8. Raymond – Berri, outside take over, 1954, Twentieth round 232, Baltimore pony

An older member of the hall of fame. Raymond – Berri in 1954 by the Baltimore Colts was still selected, my whole career occupation to the colts. He was selected to 6 occupation bowl, 3 time all NBA two times, led the team to get the NFL championship, NFL50 anniversary and the 75 anniversary of the best team members in history. Considering his low rank, such achievement is commendable.

7. Shannon – SHARP, near end, 1990, seventh round 192, Denver Mustang

Check out the history of NFL, and if you say the most successful team in a low ranking player, there is no doubt that it is the Denver mustang. Like Davies, Shannon – SHARP is also a big star around Herve. In the Denver Mustang and the Baltimore crow, he served as the main team with three Super Bowl titles, three times he was the team’s quarterback’s most trusted catcher, and in 2011 he was inducted into the hall of fame. Although his big mouth character often lets the adversary anger, but his ability also lets the opponent have no alternative.