Don’t think about going out for training! The NFL stipulates that this season’s training camp can only be held on its own site

In the past few months, because of the impact of the epidemic, all NFL teams have to carry out their first stage training camp online; although the team facilities are still not fully open, if local policies allow, can they go to other venues for training? NFL official clapping – no way!

The NFL has decided that all teams’ training camps this summer must be held at their main training venues, sources told ESPN on Tuesday. The NFL plans to launch an exploratory training camp in late July, shortly after the official announcement. Adam sheft, a well-known ESPN journalist, said that the NFL and the NFL players’ Union made such a decision together mainly for the sake of the safety of the players.

At present, nine teams will hold training camps in different venues. Panthers have been training at warford college in South Carolina since 1995, which has become their tradition; cowboys and Steelers were scheduled to play in the hall of fame on August 7 in Canton, Ohio. The two teams will arrive first in late July, while Steelers usually train in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

In 2012-2019, cowboys held training camps in Oxnard, California. Red skin, bill, chieftain, pony and ram don’t usually train at home. The bears have been training at the University of Oliver Nazarene in Illinois for the past 18 years and will move to Lake Frith before the start of the season.

In addition to the nine teams mentioned above, although the packers announced that they were training at their own base, in fact, their base was at St. Norbert college in Wisconsin. There’s another team that’s a little tricky: Raiders. They have been training in Alameda, Oakland, and plan to start training camp in Napa, north of the bay area, as before; however, due to the relocation to Las Vegas this season and the impact of the epidemic, they may start their preparations for the new season at the new stadium in Henderson, Nevada.

Of course, the NFL jerseys china decision is just a forethought, after all, the full opening of the team’s facilities is still in the waiting stage. Only in mid May did the League announce that teams could open their facilities to a limited extent, with the permission of local governments. The next stage of facilities opening starts on Monday, and teams can reopen ticket offices, retail stores and other customer facing facilities, which still need to be implemented in accordance with local regulations.

At present, no coach is allowed to enter the team’s training facilities, although this may change in the near future. However, those teams who used to be used to training in other venues may have to pay attention. Team training has been delayed because of the epidemic. If the actual training camp can be held as scheduled in the future, I believe that each team can seize the opportunity to practice