NFL regular season MVP infected with new coronavirus!

This week, Baltimore crows also suffered from the impact of the new crown epidemic. It is reported that Lamar Jackson jerseys, the team’s star player, has been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus, and his nucleic acid test is positive. Because of the epidemic prevention and control, the league has chosen to reschedule the Ravens and Steelers competition. At the same time, more coaches and players will receive further medical observation to ensure the safety of the event Integrity. Lamar Jackson’s diagnosis has caused a stir in the United States and attracted more attention.

Lamar Jackson’s new crown jersey test results have dealt a heavy blow to the club. Because that means more players and staff will be tested positive or seen as close contacts.

Crows have added three players to the reserve list for the new crown this week. In the days that followed, six more players and a few more staff were added. This prompted the crows and Steelers to postpone the Thanksgiving battle to 1:15 p.m. Eastern time.

The NFL will continue to follow up, but so far, the rescheduled schedule for week 12 has not changed. The game with Steelers was temporarily postponed to Sunday night, which caused dissatisfaction among Steelers. This is not the first time that they have changed the schedule due to the new crown epidemic. The Pittsburgh Steelers jerseys online still maintain an unbeaten record. If the players’ preparation for the game is disturbed due to the temporary schedule adjustment, and they can’t win the game they should win, Steelers will suffer a lot At the same time, there are no relevant regulations to punish the crows, which is one of the reasons why the steel players are dissatisfied.

Back to the ravens team, the crows are still worrying about the epidemic prevention and control. If the original Thanksgiving schedule is followed, their two top running guards, mark Ingram and JK Dobbins, will be absent from the game because of the virus infection. Meanwhile, the attack front line will also have injury problems, which is a blessing in disguise. Maybe because of the window period of the new championship epidemic detection, the players will be able to Get precious breathing time in the middle of the season. Substitute quarterback Robert Griffin III tweeted that the team’s fight against the epidemic is much more important than Rugby itself, which also reflects the crows’ attention to the new championship epidemic. After all, they have been in poor condition recently, and the epidemic is likely to be the last straw that killed the camel.

If there is no accident, on Sunday night against the Pittsburgh Steelers, the crows’ familiar star players will not play, the team rotation crisis, which is also placed in front of the attack coordinator Greg Roman. It is expected that they will train a large number of players to make up for the main vacancy, and the team is still in the process of further virus screening Cha, the specific list of players out of the game has not been released, facing the strong steel team, the remnant crows are very difficult to win.

At present, the Baltimore ravens jerseys china are in two consecutive losses, and the team has fallen to the third position in the North District of the American League. Last week, they lost 30-24 to the Tennessee Titan. However, they still have a chance to face brown in the late season. If they can sweep brown, they will have a great chance to get a wild card to enter the playoffs. But the first thing is to deal with the new crown epidemic, such as If the player’s physical function starts to decline, it is undoubtedly a huge loss for the team.