NFL open player’s back number makes waves again, is number retirement equivalent to not being able to use?!

The NFL has recently changed the rules on the number of the back of the Jersey. Except for front-line players, almost all players can choose small numbers. In addition to what Tom Brady said a few days ago that it would cause chaos on the field, the greater impact may be the number selection off the field. Many players hope that the team can reopen the number that has been retired.

At the beginning of the year, when JJ – joined the cardinals, their No. 99 jerseys was retired. The family of Marshall goodberg, the owner of the number, has repeatedly said that Watt can wear No. 99. In this case, Watt got the Cardinals’ No. 99 jerseys. Prior to this, the cardinal official has always said, “retirement is retirement, no one will use it in the future.”

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Nowadays, there are more players who can choose the single digit number, and the similar requirements will certainly be more. Compared with other sports, the number retirement of rugby is less than enough, but there are still 11 teams retired, among which bears, packers, giants and titans have more than one digit number. At that time, whether the team will allow players to wear these retirement numbers depends on their definition of retirement numbers. Like the cardinals and watt, if they get the approval of the owners of retirement numbers, they can wear that jerseys back?

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In contrast, baseball teams seem to have a lot of retirement numbers, mainly because of their long history. Take the New York Yankees for example, they have retired 22 numbers at present. Since Derek kit’s No. 2 jerseys retired, they can’t use it from No. 1 to No. 10. However, the retirement of these 10 famous numbers has no problem, and they can basically convince everyone.