The NFL issued a match day epidemic prevention policy to all teams: players will be banned from exchanging jerseys

Due to the impact of the epidemic, this year’s NFL match day experience will be very different from last year’s. The NFL and the players’ Union jointly issued game day epidemic prevention regulations to teams on Wednesday.

NFL television reporter Tom pelissero said on Thursday that team members will be banned from interacting within six feet (about 1.83 meters) after the game, and players will not be allowed to exchange jerseys after the game.

Other important changes include: there will be no fans at the sidelines; both sides will have to take buses to the stadium; and the media will not be allowed to enter the dressing room.

Some of the rules have been questioned by a number of players, including (Richard Sherman). “This example is the perfect epitome of the NFL’s ideas,” Sherman said of the rules prohibiting post game interaction between players on both sides. Players can play in full contact games and be safe. But it’s not safe for them to change their shirts after the game

NFL reporters also said coaches and players on the sidelines will not be required to wear masks, but other match day staff in the bench area will be required to wear masks. Novel coronavirus pneumonia patients must be monitored before entering the bench area. Any person who has a temperature above 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or a patient with new crown pneumonia will not be allowed to enter the stadium on the day of the competition.

The rules will come into effect during the preseason. As with other epidemic prevention measures, these regulations may change as the situation changes.