NFL epidemic prevention work can not stop!

When the NFL decided to cancel this year’s Hall of fame, there were concerns about whether the preseason could be played for four weeks. Now that worry has become a reality. According to sources, the NFL has decided to reduce the number of pre-season games in 2020 from four to two.

The League did this considering that the long-term impact of the epidemic has reduced the running in period of each team’s players. After the long virtual training camp, the players need more time to adapt to the team’s tactics and changes. According to the arrangement, the League canceled the first and fourth weeks of pre-season matches, and most of the players will report on July 28, so they can have nearly a month’s training time.

After the plan changes, the first pre-season game will start from August 20-24, and the second game will start from August 27-31. The league is also making urgent adjustments to the schedule of these two weeks to ensure that each team can play a home game and an away game. Teams that need to go away can only start the day before the game and stay in the city where the game is located as soon as possible.

It is a consensus between the NFL and the players’ union that players need more time to recover than usual. As of the off-season, no team jerseys has been able to use their own team facilities for large-scale training. Even in the early days of the outbreak, many gymnasiums and other fitness venues were closed.

In 1978, NFL began to reduce the pre-season games from six to four, and with the new labor agreement to extend the regular season to 17 games, the pre-season venue is expected to be further reduced. In 2021, the pre-season is expected to be reduced to three games, but this year, due to the epidemic situation, it is just able to test the effect of pre-season shortening.

At the same time, the NFL and the players’ Union are still discussing the re opening of team facilities and the opening of training camp during the repeated epidemic. Although there is no deadline yet, if both sides agree that the training camp can be opened on July 28, a formal notice will be issued before next week. And the NFL jerseys cheap and the players’ Union will soon release a set of guidelines for the 23 day training camp before the first preseason.

In addition, another reason for the pre-season cut to two weeks is that the League may require players and staff to be quarantined for two weeks before entering training camp. That doesn’t take into account new rules in New York, New Jersey and Massachusetts that require people from high-risk areas to be quarantined for two weeks after arriving there. If the League implements the relevant regulations, then many players in the early training camp will have to spend in isolation, so it is imperative to shorten the pre-season.