The NFL slogans were loud, but Dr. Anthony Fauci, the leading American expert in infectious diseases, was still not 100% sure whether the rugby season would come later this year. In an interview on June 18, Dr. fossi said the rugby team should be in a “bubble” so as to ensure that they can play well in 2020.

He told CNN that the NFL should follow the NBA and MLS rematch plan and adopt the “bubble” mode. Players should be completely isolated from other people and undergo regular testing.

“Unless the players stay in an absolute bubble, cut off from the community, and are tested almost every day, it’s hard to say if Rugby will play this fall.” “If there’s a second outbreak, it’s very likely that the flu has something to do with the season,” fossi said. If so, football is up for grabs this year. ”

The NFL may really consider following the example of the NBA and MLS in isolating players at the start of the season, but it’s not clear whether American college football can do the same. The NFL insists the Kansas City Chiefs will meet the Houston Texan at home on September 10, which means the regular season officially starts. The players have been taking virtual online classes for several months, and the League plans to organize teams to start training camp in late July to welcome the pre-season.

In a statement, Dr. Alan hills, chief medical officer of NFL, echoed Dr. fossi’s comments, saying that the league, NFL players’ Union and joint medical advisers are addressing the issue to reduce health risks and that the “bubble” model is inappropriate and impractical for NFL. “We are working on a comprehensive and rapid testing program and strict protocols that call on everyone in our rugby team to share responsibility.

We will make the necessary adjustments to match plans for the 2020 season to increase security for all players, staff and spectators.

Earlier this week, a source told ESPN that the NFL players’ Union had informed members that players could have a new coronavirus nucleic acid test every three days or at least 14 days if they were positive. On June 17, NCAA approved a six week rugby training program, which starts in July and hopes to start the 2020 season as scheduled. In May, Dr. fossi said rugby was the “perfect route” for the new crown virus and that players needed to be close to each other in every game.

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