How many questions can you answer correctly in the National NFL College Entrance Examination in 2019?

Time flies, and the annual college entrance examination season is coming again. Whether you like NFL as an English teenager, a career rookie, or a middle-aged uncle, of course, it may be the goddess of sports. Does the youth wave at the beginning of June remind you of your younger self? Hope that the following will let you dream back to that endless pain but full of passion in June, hand-held NFL version of the college entrance examination, friends, it is time to show the real technology!


1. Among the idioms underlined below, the appropriate one to use is ():

A. Although it does not rule out the reasons why the Cardinals’offensive front is not well protected, the poor performance of quarterback Josh Rosen is unsatisfactory.

B. Packer Team Coach Mike McCarthy lost sight of the whole team in the world-famous “Double 12” match, so that Rogers’performance was greatly discounted.

C. The sixth Super Bowl Championship won by the Patriots was not too surprising, but the championship parade left Boston empty.

D. Chieftain quarterback Patrick Maholmes’explosive season performance has been highly praised,nfl jerseys wholesale and as the initiator coach, Kingsbury has also been favored by the Cardinals as the new manager.

2. Read the following poem and answer questions.

Giving Brown: Zhu Zhu-Smith Schuster

Last year we fought side by side, but today we can’t add bad words jersey jerseyok.

I Benzul, like a close friend, left this sad heart alone.

There is a word pun in this poem. Which word ()?

A. Battle B. Ben C. Er D. Stay


3. After the Cowboys trade to Amari Cooper, they need to design a five-takeover formation. If they regard the five takeovers as a row, Amari Cooper must be at both ends of the formation. Cole Bisley can not be at both ends. There are two kinds of arrangement methods:

A. 36 B. 32 C. 24 D. 12

4. In the first attack, Falcons’outside receiver Julio Jones ran an arc from 20 yards to 4 yards cheap china jerseys on the left side of the court, and finally ran out of the right side of the court at 34 yards. The width of the court is known to be 53 yards. Assuming that his running path is a parabola, the equation of the parabola is ().

A. y2 = x B. y2 = 2x C. y2 = 4x D. y2 = 8x

Do you think this form is so familiar? You guys can try to find the feeling of that year, but how can a college entrance examination be short of Chinese writing? Don’t worry, the title of the composition is coming!

“Rams defensive interceptor Aron Donald slashed 20.5 times last season and was the hottest defensive general in the league; some people say Donald’s talent is extraordinary, others say Donald’s acquired efforts made him what he is today. Please write a passage of more than 800 words on the topic of “talent and effort”. Choose a good angle, determine the intention, clarify the style, and write a passage of more than 800 words.