The original NFL referee said the new kick-off rules were changed greatly

This weekend, NFL officials jerseys will hold a meeting in Dallas to discuss the new rules of the alliance. The problem of helmet use will be the main content.

Apart from the helmet use, the rules related to the opening of the ball have also changed greatly. NFL changed the position of the front row of the player to open the ball, reduced the content of the edge interception, and stipulated the time point for the back attack to begin to intercept.

The former NFL Terry McAulay (Terry McAulay), who has retired from the season to retire this year, will also be involved in the meeting, saying that the potential impact of the change in the rules of the kick-off should not be ignored.

“Although the media didn’t pay much attention, the change of the kick-off rules did exist. I have never seen such a big change.” Mike said, “people know little about this. Both sides of the attack and defense have become more limited. I also talked with a coordinator of a special service team. He is looking forward to the implementation of the new rules. We all think this is good for the development of the competition. But in terms of what can be done and what can not be done, the rules are still very complicated. We need to calm down.

The NFL pre season will begin in August 2nd, when the bears and ravens will compete in the hall of fame competition.

Earlier this week, it was reported that FOX sports jerseys wanted to attract former Titan and Jeff Fisher to join the commentary team. At present, it seems that the two sides have reached agreement.

According to Markand’s message, Fisher has not yet explained the reservation of other matches. If he performs well, the opportunity for commentary should be endless.