Hall of fame defense end forward Fred Dean died at the age of 68

The Professional Football Hall of fame confirmed on Thursday that the hall of fame defensive end forward Fred Dean died on Wednesday at the age of 68.

“The entire professional rugby Hall of fame mourns the death of Fred Dean,” Hall of fame president and chief executive David Baker said in a statement. “Throughout his life, he has embodied a lot of the values he has learned from this great sport – engagement, integrity, courage. We express our sympathy to Fred’s wife PAM and his family. We will always preserve his legacy and enlighten future generations. The hall of fame will fly the flag at half mast in memory of Fred

Dean played for San Francisco 49ers and San Diego lightning in 141 games, four times in the professional bowl, two in the best lineup and two times in the super bowl Jersey.

In 1975, Dean, from the Louisiana Institute of technology, was chosen by lightning, and he quickly got his first chance. He played for lightning in the first seven years of his career, twice in the Pro Bowl and twice in the playoffs with the team. During the 1981 season, he was traded to 49ers to help the team win the team’s first Super Bowl.

Dean, who spent the last five seasons of his career with 49ers, played his career best in 1983, making 17.5 tackles and making his last career in the professional bowl. He won his second super bowl with the team in 1984 and spent his last season in 1985.

Dean was inducted into the professional rugby Hall of fame in 2008 and launched a commemorative customized Jersey.

New Orleans to host Super Bowl in 2025

The NFL will move the New Orleans Super Bowl jerseys from 2024 to 2025, according to NFL Network reporters on Wednesday.

With the start of next season, the regular season will be 17 games and the super bowl will be delayed by a week. The timing of the Super Bowl in 2024 (2.13) will conflict with the local New Orleans Carnival (Mardi Gras). It won’t happen in 2025, when carnival time was 3.4.

The venue of the Super Bowl in 2024 needs to be decided again. Las Vegas canceled its 2020 draft because of the new championship epidemic, but their brand-new stadium is perfect for a big jerseys promotion.

The super bowl will be held in Tampa Bay in 2021, followed by Sofi stadium in California and agricultural insurance stadium in Arizona for the next two years.