The NFL is expected to open training camp on July 28 to cut down on pre-season games

The NFL and the players’ Union have reached an agreement to open the training camp on July 28, according to NFL Network reporters on Wednesday.

Rookies are usually the first to report to training camp, but the current plan seems to be for all players to report at the same time. At present, the two sides “are still negotiating the specific arrangement of the training camp and how to operate according to the draft”.

Another reporter reported that the league is also expected to cut the pre-season.

The NFL jerseys cheap has previously stipulated that all teams must train in club facilities and cannot train with other teams. Dr. Thom Mayer, the medical director of the players’ Union, also suggested that the players should suspend joint training.

Senior management of the players’ Union: some players organize their own training, which is not conducive to safety

Demaurice Smith, executive director of the NFL players’ Union, is dissatisfied that some NFL players insist on organizing their own training after the Union issued a warning.

In an interview, Smith was specifically asked about training content released on social media by Tom Brady jersey and Russell Wilson of Tampa Bay. He said the two men’s actions were “not conducive to player safety”.

“Their behavior is not good for protecting our players before training camp, I think their behavior is not good for us to spend the whole season,” Smith said.

Many NFL players confirmed novel coronavirus pneumonia. On June 20, the medical director of the players’ Union issued a statement advising players not to organize training in private to avoid infection.