NFL Human Rights Fighter: Thank LeBron for being the same

LeBron has played a leading role in the NBA’s recent strike because of another black shooting, which has won some people’s praise.

During the strike, LeBron repeatedly expressed his indignation and condemned racial discrimination and social injustice. Initially, he was adamant that he would boycott the next season if the League failed to push ahead with reform. Later, after the League met a series of conditions, the players decided to resume the game.

Colin kapenik, an NFL jerseys cheap gift activist, wrote on INS: “on August 14, 2016, I began to protest against systematic racial discrimination and social injustice. jerseys news Truth is my goal, and now you show me unity. Love is the source that pushes us forward. Thank you for being yourself. ”

And LeBron responded, “brother, stand with you, kneel together. Thank you

Colin Kaepernick jersey was the first athlete in the U.S. sports world to kneel down to protest when playing the national anthem, which caused a stir at that time. Four years later, it has become normal to kneel on one knee in the sports circle.

Now, capenik and LeBron cherish each other. Both of them are superstars in their respective projects. It can be imagined that they will certainly work together to safeguard their rights and promote social reform in the future.