Unless it has to choose the opposite, the NFL is not planning to play in the open for the new season. Troy Vincent, the league’s executive vice president for game operations, said in an interview that the League currently plans to fully open the stadium at the start of the new season.

“We plan to fully open the stadium until the medical department informs us of other suggestions,” Vincent said on Friday. “Now remember when we were talking – we were talking about August, September. So a lot can happen before that. We plan to open the stadium completely. ”

“We also know that we have made plans to open half the seats and three quarters of the seats. We have plans for all these different possibilities. But first of all, we’re doing everything we can to work with the medical department and when the new season comes, until they tell us about other options, we can make the stadium fully open, that’s our plan. This is our plan for action. ”

The NFL released its new season schedule in May, but the team has not yet been allowed to return to base training. The League president, Roger Goodell, said teams must comply with any additional requirements from the public health department. At present, all teams conduct off-season activities online.

Pittsburgh Steelers have made careful plans for the new season, announcing that they are only selling half of their home tickets to the public. Miami Dolphins have also taken steps to ensure that fans watching home games stay socially distant. If the outbreak continues, their home stadium may hold only 15000 fans in the new season (the capacity of the stadium is 65000).