Division second: Oakland Raiders, score B+

Original lineup flaw: corner guard, defensive front line, running guard

The Raiders in the first round of the election is cornerback with Leon Conley, the choices we make in evaluating the performance of their draft encountered difficulty. In the two days before the draft, Conley was broke and involved with the rape, it will undoubtedly affect the draft prospects, but from all the signs that indicate that Conley seems to have been framed. He himself has also said that the Qing people, who have worked closely with the police, have voluntarily provided the police with DNA samples of their own, who have volunteered to give testimony, and he has not been arrested or prosecuted. The only problem now is that the police investigation does not know when to draw conclusions, and now can only wait. On the draft itself, Conley ability worthy of the former No. 15 pick, if the final OTC vanish, the team is undoubtedly an advantage. Just in case of risk, there were other players in the draft pool worthy of the Raiders’ signature, and it would be safer for them to pick up the nfl jerseys wholesale players and not feel sorry for them.

In addition, other teams can say quite satisfactory choice. The movement ability of Obi Melly von Ukraine in the test is remarkable, but it seems that he has been in the game did not fully play his amazing ability to exercise, however, the two line he is for the team to bring a certain supplement. Eddie van der Sar is a fan of the three seasons, his talent from high school to show up, but the performance of the University, people feel only worthy of the five round show.

Nichol said: “the baby was born at 6:53, and Kaiser scored the winning goal at 6:55 in two minutes.”.”

Only two minutes later! The birth of the baby may really give Kaiser power. The baby has been destined to be a penguin fan since birth. “He loves to listen to the ice hockey game and he’ll remember the winner.”
In the playoffs this season, Kaiser played 14 games, scoring 14 points (6 goals, 8 assists).

David SHARP provided the depth of the attack line, but Maguire – Lee in the fifth round 168th was selected, feeling a bit high. Elijah hood is a short number of experts, can give the horse Sean Lin Qi point to reduce the workload. Shalom Luyani some potential. The draft general team this year depends on the Conley problem results but did not choose the inside linebacker this should have a bad review.

Division title: Kansas City Chiefs, score A

Original lineup flaw: running guard, inside guard, quarterback

The chief’s draft performance this year will depend entirely on whether Patrick – Ma Holmes will be the main quarterback of the next generation. The team is determined to make him the successor of Alex – Smith, sending out a three – round signature and the first round of next year, just to make sure he can be selected. For a position in other loopholes, some of the main players and defensive teams such advanced in age, the price is a little big. There is no doubt about Ma Holmes’s potential, but it takes a long time to learn the attack system of NFL, and the cover of the pass will probably need to be knocked over again. Coach Andy Reed and general manager John Dorsey are sensible, they think Ma Holmes sees Bret faffe shadow. At the same time, Smith’s contract expires in 2019, so it’s too early to draw conclusions, and may wait until after five or six years to look back. The Emirates can only hope that the team will continue to perform well this year, and the first round of next year’s signing will be outside 28.

Tano Pasa is a tall figure rushed from hand, an attractive potential, but for an instant success to the team, then the draft wholesale jerseys china ando her more secure choice. Kareem Hunter in the backcourt to Spencer and Kendrick West will find help, he has 28 games out of a hundred yards in the university. Outside – a Jiehu over Chesen is a little too high, he may be more suitable in the fifth round was selected to go.

In short, the success or failure is still in Ma Holmes. Generally speaking, teams should not pay too much for rookies who do not need to play at once, but this year’s Emirates seem to feel they have no choice.