Allow players to kneel to protest, Trump: I don’t watch NFL and American football anymore

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This month, the Professional Football League (NFL) and the Football Association of the United States announced that they would allow players to speak out against violent law enforcement and racial discrimination in the game. The football association has abandoned a three-year ban on standing up to play the national anthem.

This decision directly “bombed” President trump of the United States, who claimed in two tweets on the 14th that he would not watch these games again.

On the same day, he first forwarded an article by representative Matt Gaetz criticizing the FA’s cancellation of the standing up requirement for playing the national anthem, saying “I won’t watch [American football] any more.”

He then forwarded a similar report from representative Jim Jordan, adding, “it looks like the NFL made the same decision, but I don’t see it.”

In 2016, Colin capenick, a rugby player, was the first to use one knee kneeling to protest against unfair incidents in the United States, such as violent law enforcement and racial discrimination, during the flag raising ceremony.

In September of the same year, American women’s football captain Megan lapinoer followed the example of the former to express support, which directly prompted the US football association to issue regulations to prohibit similar behaviors.

It is worth noting that both of them have been criticized or even reviled by trump. However, they did not compromise, especially lapinoe, who had an impressive cross-section with the US president during the World Cup last year. For this reason, this kind of protest has not disappeared in the sports field.

After the African American Freud incident, kneeling became the most popular form of protest in the United States.

This month, both the NFL and the FA said they encouraged players to “protest peacefully and express their opinions.”

On June 11, the Football Association tweeted that its board of directors had voted to repeal the 604-1 policy, which requires players to stand up when the National Anthem rings.

The Football Association of America points out that it is obvious that this policy is wrong and ignores the important message that “life is life for black people”. “We haven’t done enough to listen to players, understand and recognize the importance of black Americans and other minority communities. We apologize to the athletes, especially the black athletes, the staff, the fans and all those who have worked hard to eliminate racism. Sports is a powerful platform, but we haven’t used it effectively. On these specific issues, we can do more, and we will do more. ”

Earlier this month, NFL president Roger Goodell tweeted that players could speak up for recent events and denounce racism and systematic oppression of blacks. “We admit that it’s a wrong decision not to listen to players earlier. Now, we encourage everyone to express their views and protest peacefully. We believe that black people’s lives are also lives. ”

Goodell also said he would protest with the players as an individual, hoping to be “part of a call for change in the United States.”.