Praise Philadelphia special delicacy

Since the beginning of the 2017 NFL draft, ESPN joint Tencent sports to have active NFL players, defensive end James and kausar once in NFL trial China by kicker Ding dragon as a special guest, bring the draft and to be held in Philadelphia, a variety of news for people. The two people deliberately went to the Chinese fans known as NBA team, 76 people in Philadelphia training base, bring about a visit to the people to open up a fresh outlook.

Two people entered the training venues for 76 people in Philadelphia, and it is worth mentioning that the total venue area of 76 people is 11613 square meters, which is the largest training venue in NBA. While two of the conversation is also mentioned in this case, 76 people entered the training hall, the first thing is that the hanging 1954-55 season, 1966-67 season, 1982-83 Season Three Championship flag and Allen – Iverson, Julius – Erwin, Maurice, Chamberlain, Qi, Greer, Bobby hall Jones, Billy, Charles – Barkley Cunningham et al retired. Looking at the countless legend Jersey, two people talking to each other favorite team. As the Oakland Raiders player James kausar graduated from the Southern Utah University, the first said the Utah Jazz you love most, and Ding Long is love Sanantonio spurs here kausar also mentioned his team is the most hate the Spurs, this also let two people laughed at each other, the scene is very interesting. Then two people chatted to Chinese fans favorite players of Allen Iverson, Iverson’s number 3 Jersey has been retired 76 people hanging up, for Iverson, an American, is also very admirable kausar.

Then two people started in the whole NBA largest playing basketball in the gym, experience a lot of NBA players feel, although as a NFL player, a variety of venues for kausar NFL teams have been surprised, but in the NBA basketball hall is special experience. Two a little competition, Ding dragon first free throws to try, the ball bounced out of the frame and then shot as costs, occupation athletes very robust he put the ball into the basket. The visit to the 76 people’s training hall in Philadelphia ended in a laugh.

Then two people continue to bring Philadelphia culture for the people, in addition to the Philadelphia eagles, Philadelphia Eagles such sports culture, for the people of Philadelphia, with the characteristics of beef sandwich is Philadelphia’s traditional food culture.

It’s important to control the mood of the players. Too much excitement and too much loss can lead to the team’s failure. In the two games we saw two players excited mood, the penguin striker Cassell at assistant coach Rick – Cade complained, and because the water does not leak Senator defense and depression, and Malkin because of a lost opportunity to coach Mike Sullivan complained, but eventually the two a super star in two full of experience coaching or get back on track, scored the winning goal. But this time the player’s little emotion has been solved, does not mean that the future will be so easy to solve.

As a NFL player in Ding Long James kausar prompt, two people began to talk about Philadelphia’s classic delicacy: cheese, steak sandwiches. Then two people walked right up to a restaurant called PAT’S KING OF SEAKS, a very famous restaurant in Philadelphia. In order to show the Chinese food culture to the Chinese fans, the two decided to come forward and enjoy the food in Philadelphia, Philadelphia.

The two asked for a sandwich, so they sat down at the open table and enjoyed themselves. Compared with the wife is Philadelphia Ding Long kausar is the first attempt to the characteristics of Philadelphia sandwiches, said this sandwich kausar taste very good.

Ding Long also explains the characteristics of the Philadelphia beef sandwich, which he believes is different from other sandwiches, where the sandwich beef slices are large, unlike other sandwiches that chop beef. As a graduate of the Southern Utah University, said that Utah has no such special costs of food, he believes that Philadelphia is like New York listed city with great food.

Then the two joked about PAT in the restaurant’s name, perhaps because the boss was a patriot fan. Of course, the fact is that the restaurant’s history is even longer than that of the patriots. In order to better feel beef sandwiches, kausar also specifically to learn to do the kitchen looks very interesting and lovely sandwiches.