Mustang 14-10 Wins Falcon

On the evening of August 1st, the Hall of Fame opened and officially unveiled the 2019 season. The Atlanta Falcon and the Denver Mustang were on both sides.

The game was the first time that Vic Fangio, the Mustang new coach, appeared as head coach. He was admitted to hospital for kidney stones before the game, but he still insisted on participating in the game.

Fangio also made history today: he was the first coach in the history of the NFL jerseysto challenge the defensive side to interfere with a foul by passing the ball. Passing interference can’t be challenged until the rules are revised this summer. But the first step doesn’t mean the end is perfect – Mustang failed in this challenge.

Most Mustang starters, including Joe Flacco and Von Miller, did not play. Kevin Hogan served as the first quarterback, completing five passes eight times and advancing 37 yards. The rookie (Drew Lock) has also been given the opportunity to test the bull knife.

The Falcons did not plan to send out all the starting lineups either. Matt Schaub came on and passed the ball twice, but only in vain. Mustang took advantage of the momentum, such as the rainbow, and finally relying on the 3-yard dash of Khalfani Muhammad to take the lead in scoring.

The Falcon then switched to a quarterback (Kurt Benkert), who led the team into free-kick range, but missed a 54-yard free-kick from Giorgio Tavecchio and the Falcon failed to score.

The two sides then abandoned kicking one after another, and the Falcon chased decisively with two minutes left in the first half, equalizing the score with a three-yard line between Benkett and Brian Hill. Benkett seemed to be in shape, Vietnam in the second half was more courageous, pushing 56 yards in 12 stalls, and then Tavicio hit a 27 yard free kick, with the Falcon leading 10-7.

Benkett left early with a toe injury in the fourth quarter, completing 19 passes 34 times and pushing 185 yards.

The Mustang jerseys sales counter-attacked at 5:21 p.m. (Trey Johnson) intercepted Shaub’s pass at 38 yards in the Falcon Half. Although later affected by player fouls, the rookie quarterback (Brett Rypien) did not move, steadily led the team forward, and eventually succeeded in the dangerous and dangerous connection with Juwann Winfree in the right corner of the end zone, reaching the anti-super score with a 15 yard catch. 14-10 points were also maintained until the end, Mustang won the game.