Although it took more than a month, the former champion quarterback (jameis Winston jersey) found a new home.

On Tuesday afternoon, two days after the news, the New Orleans Saints officially announced that they would sign a one-year contract with Winston.

The pirates signed NFL Cheap Tom Brady jerseys online, and Winston left Tampa Bay. Now he will be on the bench for another legend, drew Brees, to defend his country’s South title.

In 2020, the southern region of the League of nations will be a melee of BRICs, Brady (Teddy Bridgewater) and Matt Ryan, in which Winston may rise.

Bridgewater replaced him when he injured his thumb last year, but opted to join the panther in the offseason. In the history of NFL, there are only eight quarterbacks who have advanced 5000 yards in a single season. Winston is one of them. He is the only player who has reached the formation 33 times and been intercepted 30 times in the same year. If he can reduce the error rate, he will bring more insurance for the saint attack in New Orleans Saints.