Dolphin quarterback Fitzpatrick to meet the challenge

Ryan Fitzpatrick first started his career as St. Louis Ram in 2005.

After his first start, he started 125 games in his career. Ryan Fitzpatrick Jersey He started seven teams before joining the Miami Dolphins in the off-season this year.

Unless something unexpected happens, Fitzpatrick will make his debut in the Dolphins’first game of the new season against the Baltimore Ravens. That means he will be the first quarterback to start for eight different teams. Fitzpatrick said Wednesday that he enjoyed playing in multiple teams, which he felt helped him become the right person to lead a team that was rebuilding.

“You know it’s a rewarding experience,” Fitzpatrick said. “This is an achievement that no one has ever achieved before. As far as my identity, my career and the different teams I have played for are concerned. It means a lot to me. I feel that being able to do this here with a young team depends heavily on communication, and I have to make sure that I play my best every time I attack, whether in attack or before the attack starts, I stand in front of the kick-off line. I will be very demanding of myself this week to make sure everything goes smoothly. I think, in terms of my current position and the current situation of this team, I feel that my career has brought me to where I am now and that I am well suited to the role I am being asked to play.

Fitzpatrick had a long way to go between the St. Louis ram in 2005 and the Miami dolphin jerseys in 2009. Now he is ready to face the challenge of starting in the eighth team.