Gronkowski: Returning requires a month of training.

Rob Gronkowski jersey nike retired less than six months ago, but has been asked numerous times whether he intends to return.

“Crazy quantities.” Gronkowski told reporters, “Somebody asked me where I went. Wherever it is.”

His latest reply will not put people to rest.

On the radio show, the former patriot proximity forward said he needed to start training “one month” ahead of schedule if he was to return to the stadium.

New England Patriots Rob Gronkowski nfl jersey, who lost 20 kilograms after retirement, said that if he had the time to train, it would be easy to return to the game.

But health is the key. Gronkowski has suffered a lot from injuries in the past two seasons. But he’s only 30 years old, and there’s still time and opportunity for him to return.

Gronkowski said he retired because he felt from the bottom of his heart that it was time to do so. If one day his heart would let him return to the court, he would do the same. Gronkowski would not go against his heart. He is selling his own Jersey now.