Patriots removed Edelman from the injury list

Julian Edelman jersey is about to return.

The former Super Bowl MVP participated in training on Monday and passed a medical examination and was removed from the list of non-rugby injuries by patriots.

Edelman’s latest active performance was winning the Ram’s Super Bowl, where he made 10 catches and pushed 141 yards.

In May, Edelman signed a two-year contract to stay with the Patriots, but he has not yet trained because of thumb injuries in July.

This is the second good news for the Patriots after Josh Gordon’s jersey conditional return. By the time Demaryius Thomas returns, the level of terror will be on the next level.

Julian Edelman’s return will also boost sales of New England Patriots’jerseys

Last season, Edelman was banned for four games for violating the League’s drug abuse policy, but that didn’t get him off track. In the end, he made 74 catches in 12 games, pushed 850 yards and reached six games.