Rams player: there is only one real No. 99 player jersey in NL West

With J.J. watt jerseys joining the Arizona Cardinals, in a recent interview, Los Angeles Rams defensive forward Michael Brockers was asked which team has the best defensive front in the League West.

“You already know the answer. The important thing is stability, which is what rams have been doing. I’m not talking about myself, but we all know who the real number 99 is

Ram’s No. 99 is, of course, defending interceptor Aaron Donald. He has always been at the heart of the ram defense.

Of course, Watt and Donald have one very important thing in common. Each of them has won defensive player of the year three times. This is the second time in history that players in the same division have won the honor six times.

Watt’s joining the cardinals and the attention that comes with it may give Donald and other Los Angeles rams 99# jerseys defensive strikers more incentive to prove that they are the best in the division. Now, there are three teams in the western division of the League of nations with strong defensive attack.