A number of Miami Dolphin players are expected to leave the team after their debacle in the first game.

No matter what level of competition, a 10-59 defeat will lead to some consequences. In the Miami Dolphins nfl jerseys, this caused dissatisfaction among the players.

According to people familiar with the situation, after the first battle was defeated by the Baltimore crows, several dolphin players contacted their brokers and asked them to seek a deal. In the eyes of these players, although the coaching team claimed to be trying to win, they did not seriously want to do so. These players believe that there are all signs that the dolphins are going to scramble for high-ranking draft rights and lay the foundation for the future.

But at least Xavien Howard, who just signed a big contract this year, is not one of them. Dolphins have shown great importance to him and he wants to stay with them.

The team manager, Brian Flores, has been denying that he intends to screw up. But the first rule is never to admit it.

Even if Flores insists on not playing badly, because of the decision to trade the left-hander (Laremy Tunsil) and the outsider (Kenny Stills), the players don’t believe the team’s public statements, and it seems that they don’t want to be part of a bad nfl team.

Dolphins said they had never heard of any brokers or players talking about it, nor had they been asked to trade with any players.

Whatever the real intentions of Flores and Dolphins, the pre-season decision and the first-ever defeat of the season did not impress the players. Whether or not some dolphin players really want to leave the team, this season may be very difficult for the dolphins.