Raiders Manager: the new home looks incomparable

The Las Vegas Raiders’ new home, loyal air court, is nearing completion.

Jon Gruden, who was one of the first to see the full picture of the stadium, was also full of praise.

In a video released on instagram at loyal air stadium, Gruden expressed his love for the new home and thanks all the workers for their hard work during the outbreak.

“I’m revising my game plan and have a little bit of an idea,” Gruden said in the video. But I want to tell you, the court looks like it’s incomparable. This is the most perfect thing I’ve ever seen. I would like to congratulate all the workers for your great achievements in adversity. You’ve done 99% or 97% of the work, and now it’s almost like a champion

Construction started in November 2017 and the stadium can accommodate up to 65000 people.Las Vegas Raiders jerseys online sale.

“I want to remind everyone to be safe, to wear masks, to be safe and to take care of yourself,” Gruden said at the end of the video. Love you, thank you.