Top quarterback Keller Murray talks about the first show: Dreams come true

Kyler Murray’s jerseys first preseason appearance this year was short, but the Arizona Cardinals have a good understanding of their rookie quarterback abilities.

Murray led the team to 10 offensives against Los Angeles Lightning, 7 passes and 6 passes to 44 yards.

“It feels good,” Murray said. “It’s really crazy. It feels like a dream come true to be here for the fans. For me, it’s a new team and a new teammate, so it feels good.

The only unsuccessful pass in Murray’s game was because the receiver went out of Kyler Murray jersey sales bounds before catching the ball. He was captured in his last attack because the offensive front failed to block the passers on both sides of the opposition.

“I think it’s going well,” Murray said. “I can’t wait to get out and play. I really try to finish any tactics the coach has assigned me. I think we did that most of the time.”