get into the bowl! Kuaishou Kong Sports embrace “super bowl”, becoming the official short video platform of NFL China.

Kuaishou and NFL Professional Football League announced in December 21, 2020 that they had reached a deep level content cooperation and quickly became the official China short video platform for NFL occupation occupation football league.

Kuaishou is understood to be in the NFL, which will be fully accessible to the fast track platform through matrix accounts and will release the highlights of the games, tactical analysis, and the surrounding venues, presenting the most comprehensive football quality content to the old fellow.

In addition, the Kuaishou will also try to incubate the master with NFL, combining the strengths and resources of the football fans, and spreading the football culture content through short video + live broadcast. NFL will popularize football related professional knowledge and race culture through the Kuaishou Tai live broadcast program on the fast track platform, and give more opportunities for football fans to show their expertise.

“The Kuaishou sports director said:” it is very fortunate to be able to work with NFL, a North American occupation sports league. As a national short video APP, Kuaishou can combine the platform’s traffic and user coverage advantages with NFL in short video and live content co building, rugby creators hatching, sports community building and many other aspects to achieve win-win cooperation. On the basis of providing Kuaishou users with more quality and diversified competition contents, we hope to promote the popularity and development of rugby in China with NFL.

Yang Ruiqi, general manager of NFL China, said: “NFL is the leader of the North American occupation Sports League, and also the leader in the use of technology in the field of sports jerseys online. Kuaishou is a innovator in the use of technology to create short video communities. The cooperation between the two sides believes that it can bring a better experience to NFL fans.” Jia hengxuan, media director of NFL China, said: “our future content strategy and fan service will integrate more values, fashion trends and consumption habits of generation Z. Through the cooperation with fast hand, we will deeply cultivate the local content production and operation, better link the young audience and develop a new generation of NFL fans. ”

In addition, the Kuaishou has also worked with CBA, NBA, MLB, Chelsea football jerseys online club and other top league and clubs.


As a national short video APP, Kuaishou has been active in the early 300 million, breaking the 300 million mark. In September, the brand upgrade was completed by the fast hand. The 8 version of the product was launched online, and the brand logo logo was updated. The official Slogan of Kuaishou was upgraded to “embrace every life”.

Kuaishou is continuing to focus its efforts in the field of sports, and is committed to creating a strong sports community atmosphere in the station, building contacts for people who love sports industry and promoting the development of sports. Kuaishou sport has more than 40 thousand sports talents and sports fans have more than 150 million fans. In the past year, Kuaishou sports has been trying to create new competition experience scenes and interactive scenes in short video social environment through a more diversified way to cooperate with top domestic and foreign competitions IP, top sports teams and sports celebrities to cooperate with sports industry.

In 2019, the fast hand became the official short video partner of CBA, and worked together with CBA to create the “National Basketball summit”. Let Kuaishou hung compete with CBA star players in the same arena to achieve a “grassroots” and occupation collision. China’s Kuaishou sports KTV launched a live broadcast of “Chinese women’s volleyball team in quick hands and different sight” in 2020. Lang Ping joined hands with women volleyball players and Peter Chan, Gina Alice and Song Shixiong, and other large coffee players to interact with the veteran Kuaishou Tai volleyball players who love volleyball.

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After more than ten years of intensive cultivation, the popularity of NFL football in China is showing an explosive growth trend, and its high-quality brand image, unique sports charm and great potential development prospects are also recognized by the community. American football originated from Ivy League schools. It advocates team cooperation and tactics, attaches importance to mutual communication and respect among participants, and can actively develop young players’ quality and values of self-confidence, courage and tenacity. Up to now, more than 50000 teenagers (under the age of 12) regularly participate in organized rugby training. The organized amateur adult equipment League in China has more than 80 teams and more than 4000 players. NFL football related video content in the 2019 season has received more than 700 million broadcasts, with an average of more than 32 million video views per week. In 2020, the audience rating of the 54th Super Bowl will continue to rise, with short video on demand exceeding 160 million, and more than 8.8 million viewers watching the super bowl through different media platforms.